Angie is happy in Waco, NE!!

Year & Make:   2015 Indian / CSC    

Model: Road master / Arrow Kit

Trike:     CSC Arrow Kit IRS with Raked front end, Reverse and several CSC updates.

Miles:    7543

Engine:  111 Cubic Inch

Color:  Dark Red 

Title & Vin:  Clean Nebraska Title in Hand 

Number:  # 780   

Tires & Service:  Near New Cobra Trike tire on front and like new 17" Radials on Rear.

Extras:   Drivers foot pegs, Drives backrest, passenger arm rests, fender bras, ground effects, leather heat protectors. Loaded and Nice 

Comments: Clean one owner Trike traded for a new unit

Price: $31495.00 


Jennifer will be riding in style with Tim piloting this ride!!

Year & Make:   2008 Honda  

Model: GL1800 Goldwing Navi

Trike:    Would make a great Trike. 

Miles:    18939

Engine:  1832

Color: Titanium 

Title & Vin: Clean Ne Title  1HFSC47H48A709884  

Number:  #778   

Tires & Service:  Metzler tires front & Rear @ 60% Fresh service here

Extras:   Drivers backrest & Passenger armrests. 

Comments: Very Clean northern bike factory navigation, Ready to ride. 

Price: $10495.00 


On the way to Howard In Placerville, CA

Year & Make:   2006 Honda   

Model: ST1300    

Miles:    16153

Engine:  1300 cc 

Color:  Black

Title & VIN:  Clean Ne Title JH2SC510X6M400362

Number:  #802   

Tires & Service:  Fresh service Good Michelin Tires front & Rear. 

Extras:   Luggage rack. 

Comments: 2 owner Nebraska bike, Owner traded for a Goldwing. 

Price: $ 4995.00


Going to Sargent, NE with Lyle & Emma on the controls

Year:   2015 Honda / 2018 CSC            

Model:  GL1800 Gen II Level 2 (Navi)//Viper   

Miles:    19440 

Color:  Metallic Silver 

VIN:  JH2SC68H6CK001411  

Number:  583 & 732 

Trike:  Raked for ease of steering, performance disc brakes, matched ground effects, trunk dome light, machined matching directional wheels, New Avon front trike tire. 

Comments:    Navigation Heated Seats & Grips. Ready to ride. 

Price:  $29,995.   (Trailer not included)


Greg in Brandon, SD is having a great time.

 Year & Make:   2018 Honda Tour CSC

Model: GL1800 DCT /W IRS Encore Trike kit

Miles:    New Bike with New Trike kit 

Trike:   New CSC Encore Trike kit including upgraded Chrome wheels, Chrome light bar, and Chrome wheel well trim, extra brake light, Carpet in trunk with dome light, upgraded brakes, spacious trunk space and new factory Warranty. 

Engine:  1833 CC 

Color:  Red

Title & VIN:  MOS on Bikes

Number:  #790

Price: $41995.00 


The Streets in Fargo, ND has a new Cruiser.  Hi, Mike!

Year & Make:   2018 Honda, Tour / CSC

Model: GL1800 DCT /W IRS Encore Trike kit

Miles:    New Bike with New Trike kit 

Trike:   New CSC Encore Trike kit including upgraded Chrome wheels, Chrome light bar, and Chrome wheel well trim, Exclusive CSC Spoiler with brake light, Carpet in trunk with dome light, spacious trunk space and new factory Warrantee. 

Engine:  1833 CC 

Color:  Pearl White 

Title & VIN:  MOS on Bikes

Number:  #788  

Price: $41995.00 


Ken & Kathy having a great time in MCCook

Year & Make:   2006 Honda   

Model: GL18900 Level 2 Navi

Miles:   41162  

Engine:  1832

Color:  Black Cherry 

Title & VIN:  Clean Ne Title VIN: 1HFSC47H66A513765

Number:  #824   

Tires & Service:  New Shinko front rear & fresh service here

Extras:   Honda Driving lights, utopia backrest, Honda CB, 

Front driving pegs. Plenty extra added. 

Comments: Very Nice clean one owner traded here for a Trike. 

Price: $7995.00 


Watch out Duncan, Tim is on the move!!!

Year & Make:    2019 Escapade    

Model: Elite Trailer 

Miles:   New    

Color:  Black 

Title & VIN:  New MSO  

Number:  #814   

Tires & Service:  New Tires on alumina Rims

Extras:   Spoiler with brake light interior light carpet throughout trailer newer Euro tail lights, Luggage rack, Mud flaps and Chrome stand and tong.

Comments: New Escapade trailer hard to come by.

Price: $4780.00 


Going for a ride in McCool Junction.

Year & Make:   2010 Honda   -- MT

Model: GL1800 Level one / IRS M.T. Kit 

Trike:     Motor trike with IRS and Ground effects 4.5 Degree new Rake installed.  

Miles:    9730

Engine:  1832

Color:  Titanium 

Title & VIN: Ne Title 1HFSC47G6AA907797

Number:  #820   

Tires & Service:  Near new Dunlap on Front, BFG on rear @80%

Extras:   Spoiler and brake light, Drivers pegs 

Comments: Very clean nice Trike, Local trade.

Price: $20495.00 


Thank you Richard W. for your repeat business.

Year & Make:    2018 Harley Davidson 

Model:  Ultra Classic Limited     

Miles:    375

Engine:  107 Cu 6 speed 

Color:  Black & Chrome 

Title & VIN:  Clean Ne Title 1HD1KED14JB658942  

Number:  #806   

Tires & Service:  Like new front & Rear   

Comments: Like new unit.

Price: $24495.00 


Going to be seen leaving Parker, CO.

 Year & Make:   2017 Tow Blazer 

Color:  Silver 

Title:    Bill of sale only 

Number:  #813   

Tires & Service: Cycle tires including new rim and tire. 

Extras:   Air Shocks, Cooler with cover new front latch, cover for trailer or bike included 

Comments: Not the most beautiful unit but inexpensive and functional. 

Price: $1095.00


Trike sold before we even got her cleaned up.   You gotta be a fast one around here.

Thanks David from Kearney.  

Year & Make:   2006 Honda / CSC

Model: GL1800 Level one

Trike:     CSC Cobra XL Kit with front end rake and new cobra Tire on front, Carpet trunk light in trunk chrome directional wheels light bar on Trike body, Ground effects and extra LED lights

Miles:    32672

Engine:  1832 cc 

Color:  Black Cherry 

Title & VIN:  Ne Title  

Number:  #838   

Tires & Service:  New Front Avon Tire on Front, Cobra Rears, 

Extras:   Chrome rotor Covers With ring of fire Heal tow shifter, chrome radiator accents, chrome air inlets chrome trunk trim, Passenger kickup bars, Led Lights. 

Comments: Clean Trike, Kit is 4 years old build here, customer sold due to health, serviced and ready to ride. 

Price: $ 19995.00


Barry is hauling Grass now!!!

 Year & Make:   2019 Aluma 

Model: 7812ES-W  

Color: Aluminum 

Title & VIN: Ne Title  1YGUS1416LB207359

Number:  #827   

Tires & Service: near new tires 14”  

Comments: Local Trailer used very little trade for tilt trailer

Price: $ 1950.00


Now Kim can pack more for the trip!!

Year & Make:   2020 Aluma   

Model: MCT Trailer     

Miles:   N/A

Engine: N/A 

Color: Silver  

Title & VIN:  New Trailers with MSO’s  

Number: #799   

Tires & Service: New 12" Tires 

Extras:  Torsion Axle easy lube hubs, LED lights 5 round harness Gas cylinder assisted lid, Tongue stand, Cooler Tray, Aluminum fenders and wheels. Lockable lid, Luggage rack on lid.

Comments: New Trailers 

Price: Retail  $2349.00 Each 

SALE PRICE: $2149.00  


See Jerry your wife was right!!

Be safe on the ride &

Stop by and see us sometime!!!!

Year & Make:     2018 Honda / CSC

Model: GL1800 Goldwing Tour DCT / Encore Kit

Trike:     CSC Encore Trike kit with IRS Suspension, Raked front end new Avon Trike Tire, Ground effects, Chrome wheel trim, Chrome rims, upgraded brakes and light in trunk, with carpet Chrome light bar and Factory wtt. (5 month old kit) 

Miles:    1550

Engine:  1833 cc

Color:  Red

Title & VIN:  Clean Ne Title JH2SC7952JK003406

Number:  #846   

Tires & Service:  Near new bike with new Kit and Tires like new

Extras:   Driving lights, Drivers backrest, Drivers front pegs, Luggage rack with brake light. And Passenger arm rests. 

Comments: We built this and the customer had to sell due to Health reasons. Like new with factory warrantee on bike and Trike kit. 

Price:  $38995.00


Greg is making his way back to the Twin Cities Area.  

Year & Make: 2014 Harley Davidson   

Model: Ultra Classic Limited  

Miles:    8175

Engine:  103 6-Speed 

Color:  Blue/Blue strip

Title & Vin: Clean NE Title  1HD1KEL14EB696159

Number:  #730 

Tires & Service:  HD Dunlap 80% front & rear, Fresh oil change here

Extras:  Driving lights, heated grips, HD drivers pegs, CB radio and antenna, luggage rack, ABS brakes, factory navigation, Vance & Hines true duals stage one, HD passenger foot boards with kick-up's.

Comments: Very nice clean bike that is ready to hit the road. The color has a lot of sparkle in it that is not shown very good in pictures so stop by and see it for yourself.

Price:  $16795.00


Nice ride for the MD area!!

Year & Make:   2018 Honda  

Model: GL1800 Tour (non-DCT)    

Miles:    796

Engine:  1833 cc

Color:  Blue

VIN:  JH2SC7909JK002273

Number:  #809   

Tires & Service:  Near New 

Extras:  Honda XM Radio Added ($345.00) value.

Comments: Like new machine, Great color.

Price: $19795.00 


Firefighter Kevin C. is taking this ride to Detroit, MI.

Year & Make:  2010 Honda    

Model: GL1800 Level one

Trike:     Would make a great Trike 

Miles:   9750 

Engine:  1832 cc 

Color:  Metallic Black 

Title & VIN: Ne Title:  1HFSC47G3AA907756

Number:  #812   

Tires & Service:  Like New Dunlap E-4’s Fresh service here. 

Extras:   Drivers backrest utopia, Spoiler with brake light, driving lights, 

Comments: One owner very Clean Very Low mileage Nice Machine

Price: $11795.00 

*Trike kit on order for Metallic Black*